Hair Fall/Loss Treatment

Prp Therapy

Why hair loss?

Causes of hair loss in men and women

Well, hair loss can be genetic sometimes, but if it is not, than it is a result of some daily routines that one need to prevent. One must know that what daily habits or routines causing them the problem of hair loss. Stress, bad diet, less intake of water, excessive use of hair dryer, curler and straighter and using any shampoo that contains chemical are some common reasons that people easily include in their lives and become a victim of hair loss.

Prp therapy for hair loss

What is PRP?

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is a non-surgical therapy and a good option for those who want a natural hair growth back but don't want to undergo in any surgery. It is not a chemical or a drug as it's created by the specialists using the patient's own blood. It is a natural medical procedure performed by the specialists for scalp, facial and any hair growth.

PRP for hair loss

How prp work for hair loss

How PRP work?

For PRP specialists extract a small amount of blood and spin the blood in circles in a centrifuge, then it divide the blood in four components such as, red cells, white cells, platelets & plasma. After preparing the PRP, an anesthesia used to give to the patients to block his/her nerves of the scalp to prevent patient from the pain and then the prepared PRP injected into the scalp to boost hair growth.

FUE Hair Transplant

Calculate Graft

Get grafts and cost

Grafts are main roots which are transplanted to scalp. So it is important to know the count of hair grafts you need for your surgery.

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Hair Transpant Results

Life Changing Results

hair transplant before after

NHT is delivering life changing hair transplant results from past many years with advanced techniques like Fue & Bio Fue.

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Experts Doctors

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NHT is the panel or team of expert hair transplant doctors from India. Our doctors are located in your own native or your nearby city.

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